Anthony Padilla is a Native American oil painter based in Brooklyn NY. In his recent work, he explores the complexity and chaotic elements found in nature. Inspired by Georgia O’Keefe, Henri Rousseau and Wassily Kandinsky, Anthony’s work depicts minimalistic and overwhelming close-ups in the kingdom of nature where flora and fauna are sovereigns.

Anthony Padilla (He/ Him)


Moleskine Artist


Anthony’s artwork is “to highlight the abstract and surreal qualities of our natural world by using the elements found in nature, specifically the jungle, as a means to do so”. His paintings are forbidden invitations to enter the glorious, yet hazardous, realm of nature in which humanity does not seem to belong. Self-taught, Anthony built his reputation through a meritocratic approach.

My work has often focused on the dense luscious scenery found in the tropical jungles of our planet. With my more recent work I’ve decided to focus on the dense jungle floor as well as the forest canopy, the hills valleys and other landmarks the jungle has to offer. These new added layers are intended to give the viewer a sense of depth and distance within the painting. When I’m looking off passed my surroundings into the distance beyond the horizon I find a sense of peace and meditation, a feeling I hope to share with my viewers.