My practice lives in this ancestral intersection between pleasure and pain, grief and spirit, comedy and vulnerability, majesty and misery. Moving through the world with a high mortality rate and insufficient representation creates, for me, a heightened sense of chronic desire to be fed, loved, touched, claimed, remembered, released, accounted for.

Gabrielle Randall (She/ They)


Through manipulating methods of immersive installation, montage, multichannel, and anti-linear storytelling, I resist the redundancy of conventional ontology by revealing the multiplicity of my living Black, Queer, Femme experience. As the past, present, and future are all happening simultaneously, so is the culmination of all my identities - true and contradictory, both cohesive and in opposition of each other. Through these chosen mediums I am granted the capacity to materialize this tension to the extent of my truest selves.

Gabrielle Randall is an interdisciplinary artist and curator based in New York City working with video, photography, sculpture, and mixed media installation with a heavy focus on pleasure, desire, and hypervisibility in the Queer community. Gabrielle’s practice encounters spirituality, ancestry, adornment, and sex-positive liberation. She holds a BFA in Film & Video from the School of Visual Arts and an MFA in Fine Arts from Parsons School of Design where she studied curating and studio based practices.