I paint images of the human form, and fabrics that surround them to articulate the ways bodies communicate our lived experiences and inner selves, especially at rest.

Kate Muehlemann Cataldo (She/ They)


Right now your body is holding you in a particular shape, influenced by how you feel, your experiences, and your emotions both past and present. Bodies tighten, clench, relax, sit tall, guard, and protect. I am interested in the stories bodies tell through their shape and gesture, especially queer bodies in spaces of safety.

Kate Muehlemann Cataldo is a Brooklyn-based visual artist, hospice nurse, and death doula. Working primarily in oil and watercolor her practice is influenced by the vulnerability shared in caregiving, extensive study of anatomy, and queer identity. Kate completed a 6-month residency at Trestle Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, and was selected to participate in the NYC Crit Club Visiting Critic Program with Clarity Haynes.  Select exhibition venues include Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery and Van Der Plas Gallery, NYC; Slushbox Gallery, West Palm Beach, FL; Trestle Gallery and La Bodega Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.