My work references the trans body as a palimpsest, through the marks of transformation and trauma that manifest on it. My work explores the idea of transformation as necessary and simultaneously a transcendent and painful experience, utilizing the tension between beautiful and disgusting visual elements.

Theo Trotter (he/him)



This conflict between attraction and repulsion also represents injury and healing. I address visceral bodily experiences at the point where language begins to fail, dealing with, among other things, physical harm to the body, and the injury of forced femininity.

I utilize a variety of different media including textiles and latex. What many of my materials have in common is a pliability and fragility that mimics the flesh. I am drawn to other materials, such as lace, because of the closeness and intimacy to the skin that they evoke. Touch is an essential part of my process, and sometimes remains visible in the work as imprints in the materials. I am always in conversation with the materials, at once injuring or harming them, and allowing their nature to shape the trajectory of my work.

Theo Trotter is an artist working with a range of materials including textiles, paper, and latex. He has participated in residencies including most recently the School of Visual Arts summer residency. His work has been included in exhibitions in New York City, where he is currently based, and elsewhere in the US. He received a BA in Studio Arts from Bard College in 2019.