SoMad is proud to present Tangents, an exhibition by Kyle Henderson and Paul Simon.

September 20 — October 3, 2019


Kyle Henderson and Paul Simon

Tangents is an exhibition of photographic prints and sculpture by Kyle Henderson and Paul Simon. The two artists’ work is complimentary in their exploration of the human body through an abstracting lens, both constructing and destructing, yielding hybrid photographic objects within the frame and beyond. Henderson explores the destructive nature of high-speed infatuation with

sexuality and motor vehicles through his compacting metal and images. Simon deconstructs and reinterprets his image in a search to redefine his identity, contrasting learned religious elements with exploration of newfound freedom and self-expression. This two-person show confronts viewers with the physical journeys the artists experienced in response to their cultural realities. 

About the Show

Kyle Henderson is a visual artist based in New York City. While initially a photographer, he is always exploring new ways to push the medium of photography, often combining it with unexpected materials and alternative presentations forming a commentary on personal identity and society.

Paul Simon is a Romanian-American artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. He graduated from Grand Canyon University (BS ‘16) and the School of Visual Arts (MFA ‘19). He uses photography to examine the body’s volumetric relationship with flattened space.