SoMad is proud to present Amazon Inferno, a multimedia installation by Carla Maldonado at Satellite Art Show Miami 2019.

October 3, 2019

Satellite Art Show, Miami, FL


Carla Maldonado

In Amazon Inferno, Maldonado displays a multimedia installation that brings attention to the need for urgency in restoring protections to indigenous lands under threat from Brazil’s government. 

A vintage TV displays her documentation of speeches and protest by Brazilian Indigenous leaders and activists during their visit to the United Nation’s Climate Week in New York in September, 2019. In this video Sonia Guajajara, Cris Pankararu, Artemisia Xakriaba and Dinaman Tuxa invite people from around the world to activate in the fight for the Amazon Forest, informing others that this cause is greater than their rights to their lands -- it is about our global climate crisis and the destruction of common goods and natural resources. 

A seven channel video projection over a photograph 

of vintage TV’s (inkjet print on canvas, 2018) displays footage she collected from the news of the deliberate burning of the Amazon Forest by Bolsonaro’s acolytes in late August 2019.

Indigenous people of Brazil, recognized worldwide as The Guardians of the Forest, must have global support to keep actively protecting the 60% of the world’s remaining rainforest, now endangered by Bolsonaro’s criminal gang and their inconsequential economic plans. 

SoMad, together with Carla Maldonado, is organizing a gallery show combined with a silent auction on March 13th, 2020 to donate to Sonia Guajajara’s Makarapi Institution, supporting Indigenous communities in the fight for their rights and land. 

About the Show


After successful editions in Miami (Art Basel) and Austin (SXSW), SATELLITE ART SHOW is coming to New York City! SATELLITE will present 40 + experiential art projects for visitors to engage with in a human and inclusive way. We will be presenting our project inside of a 12,000 sq foot space within the Pfizer Building on Flushing Avenue in Brooklyn. Expect projects spanning fine art, performance, installation, tech and sensory based activation.