Lesson 11 - A Spring Of Gay-Black-Feminine-joy

Lester Mayers

love lessons-with-lester

There’s a sly balancing truth happening in this poem. The backbone of Gay-Black-Feminine-Men is steeped in the resuscitation of self-love after years of abandonment, emotional gentrification, and self-loathing. "Through the misery and frustrations of not finding the hopeful message explicitly directed to Gay-Black-Feminine-Men, when I needed it the most, I wrote this within the authority of my identity. This poem is my prayer, hymn, wish, and hope that We-GBFM can arrive at such healing without compromising our right to love, live, be redeemed by our own definition. This poem is from my first book of critical analysis entitled A Spring Of Gay-Black-Feminine-joy." - Lester Mayers