Lesson 5 - Repass

Lester Mayers

love lessons-with-lester

African Booty Scratcha Lovin da ashy blaq fat chall wif yella teen peasy head & a broken smile”, was written while working full time at a hospice. The lessons I learned there always leave my vocabulary insufficient. I met so many spirits that I respect and revere that left an indelible mark on my soul. Each day I went to work, I imagined the end of my life, not in a depressive way, but I imagined what the celebration of my l life would be like. This Love Lesson is not about passing on but celebrating while living. Those souls freed my language so much, so I wrote this entire book in the many Black vernacular bestowed in me.

I give you this poem and I ask you to consider, how would you want to be celebrated as you lived? “ - Lester Mayers