Lesson 7 - Da Voice of Our Ancestors

Lester Mayers

love lessons-with-lester

"The danger of making Black Women a superhero in vulnerable/healing spaces is the “Rust on the razor that threatens the throat; it’s an unnecessary insult.” I’ve witnessed Black women move forward with an unstoppable pain yet stagnated with nowhere to let the pain out or a chance to process. What do we say about love when we tell a Black Woman, “don’t cry, don’t mourn, everything is gonna be alright.” The next time a Black woman is vulnerable, reject the temptation to console her based on the anxiety of your wisdom wanting desperately to help but instead follow along on the terms of her tears. Give her space and let her weep. And cry along with her if you must Love is an honest weep. We all have a right to weep with our own considerable but reasonable demands. Without the ability to feel pain and weep, love, is just a culdesac of theory." - Lester Mayers