Lesson 9 - Motha how could you Eva? A poem fo Hydeia

Lester Mayers

love lessons-with-lester

"Lesson 9 is dedicated to those that put their lives, art, and hearts on the line to end stigma & remove shame so that the deepening of love is not just in theory but actual practice. Today’s Love Lesson is dedicated to Hydeia for her bravery, for her truth, for her life, for permitting us to smile even through the most challenging parts. Most times in life, we have no choice in the matter of keeping the faith, in being grateful, in healing. As we move into the week of thankfulness, I hold Hydeia, I poet for her, and I thank her for not giving up. This poem can be found in my second book of poetry - African Booty Scratcha Lovin da ashy blaq fat chall wif yella teen peasy head & a broken smile. " - Lester Mayers