Lesson 8 - New Dream, New Love

Lester Mayers & Catherine Keefe-Harris

love lessons-with-lester

"On this Love Lesson With Lester, we are disrobing emotionally, shedding the self-righteousness in complete honesty, finding the truth we wish to whisper to our younger selves. We briefly touch the surface of open relationships and so much more In this Love Lesson, I want us all to consider that when the pain of life takes us on a ride via memory highway, dropping us off to our younger selves, we mustn’t just park in that pain or the disturbed innocence of our youth. But, instead, we must come to a brief stop, open the door, let out younger selves hop in, grab their hand, squeeze it as we speak everything that was missing back into us. What would you tell your younger self? As you heal, what’s a new dream of yours? & Would you be in an open relationship? " - Lester Mayers