Dana Robinson is a visual artist focused on topics such as Black female identity, youth, and ownership via dissection of media and ephemera resulting in colorful and striking works that form an understanding of the artist perspectives.

Dana Robinson (She/ Her)

Visual Artist

3rd Floor Pop Up


"I am a multidisciplinary artist addressing the topics of youth, Black female identity, and ownership through combining reproducing and dissecting vintage printed material. Magazines are used in place of personal photos to preserve the privacy of myself and the people I love. The people in these publications have consented to the reproduction and sale of their images whereas my family has not. In opposition to the entitlement to invasion of the private moments in Black peoples lives I only work with the artificial moments of intimacy found in these magazines. Always a reproduction, never an original, but always trying to find the delicate nature of life underneath the models' casual glances into the camera. In the banality of the content is the intensely personal that reveals without giving everything away."

Dana Robinson is a Brooklyn based multimedia artist. She earned her BFA in Design from Florida State University and her MFA in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York. Conversations of Dana Robinson’s eclectic collection have been covered by publications such as Vice, Ain’t-Bad, NY Mag’s Vulture, and It’s Nice That. She has three upcoming solo shows in 2022 at AIR Gallery, and Haul Gallery in Brooklyn, and Fuller Rosen Gallery in Portland. She is currently a fellow at AIR Gallery and is looking forward to her residency at Wassaic Project in 2022.