SoMad presents the 3rd Floor Pop Up curated by Kyle Henderson. This exhibition is in the liminal construction zone that will soon be transformed into a production studio. On display are a wide array of artworks from soft sculpture, projection, augmented reality, painting and collage.

3rd Floor Pop Up

December - January 2022


"Sensations of “comfort” and “safety” can be attained through design or art making as a vehicle for self soothing. Globally there are conversations about self care and worth as we as a society continue to roll through what is post-pandemic period in the face of economic hardship, climate collapse, among other things. This show provides a refuge from all of this, while still recognizing struggle and not just desire. The art curated in this group show encompasses a variety of mediums (augmented reality, video, soft sculpture, images, and more) made by talented artists whom we are honored to work with." - Kyle Henderson