Tony Saborio is a multi-disciplined artist working in a myriad mediums to form a critique of his own mental health and personal history, resulting in accessible works crafted from diverse mediums and materials including robotics, sculpture, drawing, painting, and photography.

Featured in 3rd Floor Pop Up

In art, Tony Saborio has not received a formal education, degrees, grants, or awards. However, hard work, dedication, and continued support from family, friends, and peers, have provided Tony with a reason to create. Early artistic influences from an early age include pulling ele- ments from skate, graffiti, and fashion culture, space, and occult- ism make an appearance with a touch of retrospace infusion to bring a unique vision to the masses. He has an expanded world- view and a nomadic spirit. Tony is a multi-disciplinary artist that thrives by working in diverse mediums and materials including lighting, sculpture, drawing, painting, and photography. Tonys previous work was shown: 2019 at One Art Space Gallery in Tribeca, NY. His debut solo exhibition of 22 pieces created with 11 months showcasing mutli-disciplinary skills and mediums from carpentry, sculptures & painting to robotics & lighting.