Mad World is a multifaceted event meant to spotlight sustainability, local community, and resilience by bringing artists and audiences together for conversations focusing on Planet Earth. 

Celebrate Earth Day

April 20, 2024 - 12pm - 12am

Film Screening 12pm - 7pm - 2nd Fl

Fine Art / Workshop 12pm - 12am - 3rd Fl

Pop Up Shops - 12pm - 12am

Performances / Music - 8pm - 12am


Dear fellow human beings: Earth needs YOU to join us for Mad World at SoMad! We are coming together to celebrate our planet with multidisciplinary arts programming. There will be an experimental film screening, open workshops, fine art exhibitions, video installation, live performances, food, drinks, handmade clothing and art books. There will be something for everyone! Tickets are GA/Sliding Scale, all are welcome.

Mad World '24

April 20, 2024


We have a certified living legend joining us to host Mad World! Claywoman, the five hundred million year old woman, is coming all the way from the Mirillion Galaxy to host our celebration of all things Earth, and it's an absolute honor and pleasure to have her.

Our 2nd floor performance line up will include an arty drag immersive sound installation on plants, fauna, and pre colonial things by Untitled Queen and Jess A Mess. As well as a performance by Esther, The Bipedal Entity based on Ellen Meiksins Wood's The Origin of Capitalism. How did we come to see and treat the land as we do today?

The night will include a DJ set by DJ Ruby.

This Year's Mad World Film Programming will include 10 experimental films screened at SoMad's 2nd floor on a video loop. The selection of films include: "Life Touching Life" by Dakota Gearhart, "WO RM" by Julia Chien, "Turtle?" by Yangqi Deng, "The Museum of Prophecy" by Emilie Slater, "Phytograms" by Amina Gingold, "Blooming Fire, Burning Flowers, Bright as Sun" by Kristen Williams, "Icolette" by Sophia Wolfe, "7-DAY FUNGI PRESCRIBED THERAPY" by Pedro Morales, "Words of Water" by Ellie Borzilleri, and "6"by Riley Teahan and Natalita

Each short experimental film was selected from the open call for video art.

SoMad's 3rd floor will feature a gallery space showcasing artworks that engage in conversations around the environment, nature and the New York landscape. Our show will feature pieces by David Aliperti, Soraya Zaman, Zulu Padilla, Sara Arno, Tony Saborio, Scope Collective, Marianna Peragallo, and Julianne Nash. Fine Art will be available for purchase, so come support some local artists and decorate your home with something unique.

Our artist in residence David Aliperti will be hosting an open Grass Making workshop where you can create small sculptures contributing to David's larger meadow installation that will be on view this September.


SoMad's 4th floor will include a pop up shop featuring handmade clothing and original art books by Keith Lafuente, Raptor Editing & Press, GiGi Knitwear, Anthony Padilla, and SoMad.

Vegan food will be served by Urugula Creative Cuisine and special Phillipino treats by Bibingka Mama on the 2nd floor.