Curated and produced by SoMad, the inaugural Mad World is a multifaceted event meant to spotlight sustainability, local community, and resilience by bringing artists together for conversations focusing on Planet Earth.

Earth Day 2023

Artists: Sara Arno, Julia Blume, Tony Saborio, SOLA Market, David Alperti, Adi Does Food, Julianne Nash, Give and Take, Keith Lafuente, Riza Rodriguez, Lucky Risograph, Sarah Van Dyck, Serichai Traipoom, Hannah Villanueva, Chris Rodriguez, Urugula Creative Cuisine

Performers: Esther the Bipedal Entity, JayKay, Bibingka Mama

DJs: Bitchtoria, Gentlethems, Jason Hates You

Alright, a lot went down, so hold tight while I put on my journalist hat for a sec. 25+ people actively put on Mad World, and the vibes were impeccable across the board. SoMad interviewed sixteen people participating and projected their video interviews on the wall in the back of the raw space, which allowed the audience to think critically about their role in cultivating sustainable practices and opened up new pathways of ideas towards integrating uplifting changes.

The booths were crucial to the experience! SoMad's booth featured tie dyes made in our darkroom, Serichai's archival prints from the flat files, artist books found in our shop made by collaborators, fine art photography by Sara Arno, and propagated plants from our windowsill. Adi Fracchia offered her small batch granola. Keith Lafuente brought handmade upcycled clothing, jewelry made with pewter and seashells and an original print. Lucky Risograph brought a wonderful selection of artist prints sustainably produced at their DUMBO studio. Give & Take put on an amazing workshop with recycled prints from Lucky Riso. Everybody at Mad World was invited to craft cards with scissors and glue. David Alperti exhibited whimsical sculptures that they’d never shown outside their apartment before, which nicely. They compleimented sculptures by Julia Blume that weaved a naturescape on the wall. Julianne Nash's lenticular print caught the eyes of passersby, and its invasive species work activated many a mind. Lorenzo Triburgo and Sarah Van Dyck centered the dye-sublimation print of Venus on the wall. Hannah Villanueva showed her hand- tufted designs that featured Greek-inspired scenes of nude women dancing, and her soft sculptural mirrors were very much in demand. Tony Saborio assembled a space akin to a tiny living room complete with an upcycled bar cart, a whimsical mirror and matching coffee table, featuring photobooks of his work and pot grinders that he designed. All in all, there was something for everyone since the vendors were so multifaceted.

The night capped with three incredible performances beginning with Esther the Bipedal Entity, who educated the audience on the history of human activity upsetting the climate. Bibingka Mama enthralled us all with a performance that spanned from Polynesia to Outer Space. JayKay dressed as Captain Planet blew us all away with a very special environmental number. All throughout the event the vibe was kept impeccable by the DJ lineup, starting with Gentlethems, followed by Bitchtoria, and closing with Jason Hates You. It was everything!

Meet the Artists

Special thanks to Lucky Risograph