Lillea Gorman is a visual artist focused on emotional color science and mental health, resulting in accessible and colorful designs that explore the spectrum of emotion.

Lillea Gorman (She/ Her)


3rd Floor Pop Up


"Colors make me feel things. And I want my work to allow the same for others. I enjoy exploring how people exist in culture, and how they shift and evolve depending on their context, environment, and those around them. I love to approach “ugly” and “uncomfortable” concepts, feelings, emotions, and portray them in an unconventionally approachable way through color and design. As someone who has lived with mental illness my entire life, I am intrigued by how it can at times feel like it’s taking over everything, but yet it can never fully define you. It took me a while to understand that feeling is living, and to believe that sensitivity and emotion can be a beautiful and powerful force when taped into properly."

Lillea majored in anthropology at Wellesley College and is based in New York City, working as a cultural brand strategist for a creative collective.