Doménica García is an Ecuadorian Interdisciplinary Artist primarily working in video and performance art. She is part of the SoMad team working in all things design, media, and art.

Doménica García (She/ Her)

Performance Artist


Moleskine Artist


Doménica's work delves into a process of introspection, exploring the personal and discovering the universal. With the use of a hyperbolic language and the juxtaposition of the radical with the ordinary, she gives greater relevance to the day-to-day experience. Her multimedia approach, particularly merging performance and digital art, allows her to manipulate the perception of reality, facilitating a fantastic and surreal experience within the rational world.

Doménica has been featured in film festivals, art galleries and museums in the US, Mexico, and Ecuador, including the Atlanta Film Festival, San Diego Latino Film Festival, Queens Museum, Museum of the Moving Image, Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Quito, and Granoff Center for the Creative Arts. García earned a BFA from the School of Visual Arts.