SoMad proudly presents our livestream of The Dragon Sisters Big Brooklyn Pride Party for Amida Care NY.

June 13, 2021

The Dragon Sisters Big Brooklyn Pride Party

On location at 3 Dollar Bill

The Dragon Sisters

Amida Care

Co-curated by 2021 Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) graduates, Toni Smalls and John Groves, Fresh Meat features artists who have just graduated from college, marking their transition from students to independent artists. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many art universities had to curate online exhibitions for their students. However, this digital experience limits a viewer’s ability to engage with the work, confined by the optic, audial and the limitations of web-based platforms.

The SoMad gallery, a physical, community space, allows for the work to transport publics to an immersive, haptic experience, allowing for deeper, more meaningful interaction beyond the screen. SoMad presents to you artists mobilizing the potential of traditional artistic mediums. The curators felt an urgency and responsibility to exhibit work exploring new, metaphorical and technical combinations, thereby exploring new methods of idea exchange of participation. The work represents diverse narratives, in conversation with the complexities and nuances of New York City’s multi-cultures.