At Mad Pride 23,  five performances and eight video projections by queer artists working in a huge variety of forms and subject matters will illuminate both the raw brick space and the hearts of everybody in the room.  It’s sure to go down in SoMad history, so don’t miss it – nothing like this experience has ever or perhaps will ever happen in this same way again.

June 8th, 2023

DJs: Dinah Fire & Brik Olson aka The Rage, Bitchtoria

Performers: Esther the Bipedal Entity, Felix III, The Dragon Sisters, Arewá Basit, Lester Mayers

Video Artists: Amina Gingold, Ash Hagerstrand, Keith Lafuente, Lorenzo Triburgo & Sarah Van Dyck, Scottie Norton, Serichai Traipoom


Mad Pride EXPLODED with visuals, song, dance, and laughs, an indoor function with the energy of a parade. You had to be there! But in case you weren’t, SoMad’s got you covered. Grab some popcorn and hit the Explore button so you can see the video projections. While you’re there, picture the lineup of Esther and Lester and Felix and Arewá and The Dragon Sisters lighting the room up with some of the best live performance work you can find in New York. This was one for the art lovers.

Mad Pride

June 8, 2023