Carla Maldonado is a multimedia artist, working with photography, video, site specific installation and the multimedia experience of their intersection.

Blue Pill 

20 min video overlay with live feed from vintage camcorder on two repurposed CRTV and one flatscreen TV

"This Video collage is created through analog video glitches/distortions, mixing together archive footage from my phone, recorded this summer (while medicated on mushrooms) and live feed from a camcorder - positioned in the center of the installation. By manipulating the electrical signal between my media and the TV (enhancing noise, colors and changing frame rates and density) I create a layered landscape that evokes memories of psychedelic experiences, and brings the viewer to sense the interconnection with self and the environment in a grounding and joyful way through visual patterns of distorted reality. Using the mediums available in my studio, this installation functions as an escape from reality and ongoing social hysteria."

Just Me And The Light

11:25 min, Digital Vídeo with Audio

"While in quarantine in 2020, I was isolated in my studio in the Flatiron District, drinking myself to sleep. I built an installation that I lived in for 6 months constructed from plastic walls, filled with elements from previous projects - they were my company. Inside, I could escape my circumstances through the camera and visit other realities, loops, frames. I connected a VHS camera to a CRTV, recording on a mirrorless camera through a video circuit. Within this circuit, I could explore technological and personal aesthetics using my body as the vessel and subject, navigating alternatives. The nostalgic aspect from the circuit alludes to intense flashbacks I was experiencing about my early interplay with the camera and performance in the late 90’s - when I first started exploring ways to distort the reality around me through video practices. To cope with trauma, to accept my loneliness, my feelings are materialized through the image."