Lester is back with all his honesty and vulnerable-scintillating histrionics, "New Dream Of Love; Live With Lester" is a direct reflection of where he's been since crafting Love Lessons With Lester.

December 1st & 2nd, 2022

Lester Mayers with Keturah Jordan, Brandon Bera, and Matt Carvin

Opening Performance by Kamra Sadia Hakim

7pm Show - Doors at 6:30

9pm Show - Doors at 8:30

We love Lester! This time, Lester walks deeper into the physical space, sex, and a state of mind related to a lover you can't seem to shake while incorporating a meditative practice; everyone will leave the theater practicing themselves.

Featuring Brandon Bera, Keturah Jordan, and Matt Carvin, the four collective offers everyone a unique excursion, replete with dramatic pauses that stroke anticipation, then releases a torrent of poetry-music fire. A New Dream Of Love; Live With Lester flourishes in a format that goes beyond his previous approach to music and poetry.

"For me, and everyone that comes to experience this show, everyone that works on the show, my bleeding hope is that we all walk away with our souls stitched together. So we can start to do a little bit more than survive, and we can officially say and own what Beyonce strongly stated in Renaissance, "These Mother Fuckers Ain't Stopping Me!" -Mayers.


Opening Performance: "Connection & Belonging" by Kamra

“We need each other” is a firm truth. Artist, Kamra, takes us on a 10-minute sonic meditative poetry connection and belonging journey weaving together themes of passion, tenderness, ache, and the beautiful mess of it all.


Special Thanks to Max Evanega on camera and Erik Benepe as sound engineer and editor