Experience 'Life in New York' by musician and composer Erik Benepe who will be performing in a unique live show with a full band featuring singer and keyboardist Ali Dineen, drummer Willis Mathewson, bassist Brayden Baird, and Jerome Lissman.

Erik Benepe with Live Band

Late Guest at the Party

Thursday September 14th, 2023

Doors: 7pm

Shows: 8pm

Snacks by Bibingka Mama


Erik's tunes are a skillfully simply soulful and draw on the essence of what is good and what is real for him in New York. Come kick off your shoes and dance with us! (jk - shoes are required on the second floor (plywood subfloor) of SoMad, it's a tribute to Erik's hit track Shoes.)

We are excited to welcome Late Guest at the Party to perform the opening set. Perfecting a blend of American 90s Dance/House Music and Euro Disco since 2017, producer/drummer Renzo Mazzotti, bassist Gabriele Grassia, vocalist Beth Hansen, keyboard Luc Cianfarani, and multi-instrumentalist Charlie Kozey make up Late Guest at the Party. Originally formed in Rimini, Italy, the band released two LPs prior to Beth’s arrival when they met in New York. This marked the creation of a new sound and gave an opportunity to explore new territories in music and composition. The addition of Luc and Charlie rounded out the band in 2021. Late Guest at the Party is now working on a full-length album that will be released early in 2024.

Jackie By Erik Benepe

Add it Up by Late Guest at The Party