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Show and Tea: Arewá Basit

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Show and Tea: Arewá Basit

Arewá Basit

Wild waves willfully fluid, ushering in Black Futures Month deep in the water courtesy of Arewá and a peak inside of the kikis we all want to be part of!

Black Feels: Arewá Basit

Arewá Basit

Imprinting critique on our grace.

Black Gaze: PhenomenaLewis


When the butterfly folds into itself after you crawl inside of its cocoon

Show and Tea: Candice

Candice Nembhard

Everyone has a voice though not everyone needs to chat, quieting the artist avatar and tuning into grief with Candice Nembhard and Kamra/Futurity Artist.

Show and Tea: Toni

Toni Smalls

Our deepest most inner neurosis, truths, and bodies as bridges to each other.

Black Feels: Liz

Liz Kennedy

It is the NO for us, honoring boundaries and the power of being feeling ass beings.

Show and Tea: Amber

Amber | Realm

Composting the trash, ingesting the ruins of us and providing what needs to emerge the love to do so.

Black Feels: Marisa

Marisa Hall

Recovery dreams, adornment spells and nothing low key for well rested, nourished Black queer bodies.

Black Gaze: KT

KT Kennedy

We saw things we imagined, explore Black Gaze as masculine location with KT and Kamra Hakim.

Black Feels: JJ

JJ McDonald

 The way we body minds transition cyclically inspires surrender tears.

Show and Tea: Tough

Tough Gossamër

Y’all are racist. Stop talking about “the light” and do your shadow work. Tough Gossamër delivers Bathwater, the record you did not know you needed.

Black Feels: Vanessa

Vanessa Newman

Our technologies lead us inward.

Show & Tea: keiyaA


KeiyaA inspires us to illuminate an essence of play in Black music making.

Black Gaze: Starr

Starr Sanford

Stoicism and giggles in an ocular experience turning on felt sensation.

Black Feels: Qween

Qween Jean

The priority is to protect Black trans women everywhere, always.

Black Feels: Lester

Lester Mayers

Transmuting trauma, Lester Mayers takes viewers on a freedom dreaming journey through pain’s path.

Black Gaze: Annika

Annika Hansteen-Izora

 Finding safety in a flirty Black Gaze between Futurity Artist and Annika Izora.

Black Feels: Dominique

Dominique Wynne

Vaguely feeling as fine as we look in our bag.

Show & Tea: Dorchel

Dorchel Haqq

Channeling as excavation, tell stories and yearning for peace.

Show & Tea: Dee

Dee Diggs

When the butterfly folds into itself after you crawl inside of its cocoon.

Welcome to Activation TV - Hosted by Futurity Artist

Kamra Hakim

Exercising our birthright to be feeling beings, bound by inevitable transformations and uploads, running radical love programming and glitching across the status quo, uniting mycelium, weaving in wandering liminaly making connections. Futurity Artist and SoMad present Activation TV - shows about channeling, about Black trans sorcery and wizardry sprinkled in and throughout the mundane, a glimpse into Pluto underworld and beyond!