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SoMad Chats: Esther

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SoMad Chats: Esther

Esther the Bipedal Entity

Esther creates a new light around our climate crisis as host of Mad World. As an environmental queen, Esther gives attention to the complexities of global systems and makes a sustainable ethos hot.

SoMad Chats: Keith

Keith Lafuente

Keith Lafuente brings us a caring perspective on creating garments using upcycling techniques and nature as inspiration. Keith's creative abilities of airbrush painting, jewelry making and innovative fashion bring joy to those who encounter them.

SoMad Chats: Kemi

Oluwakemi Oritsejafor

SoMad Chats with Oluwakemi Oritsejafor aka Kemi, artist, entrepreneur, and founder of SOLA Market about the importance of community and sharing resources shaping a more connected and sustainable future.

SoMad Chats: Lucky Riso

Amanda Chung

Amanda Chung shares her experience starting Lucky Risograph, a sustainable artist centered print studio in Brooklyn. A plethora of their artists' prints excited the walls of Mad World.

SoMad Chats: Julianne

Julianne Nash

Julianne Nash chats about her current projects and gets into her environmental conscience for Mad World.

SoMad Chats: Tony

Tony Saborio

Tony Saborio chats about his multifaceted career as a production designer and artist now focusing on refurbishing furniture and creating something entirely new and lovable. Tony's installation at Mad World was complete with many of his creations.

SoMad Chats: Julia

Julia Blume

Julia Blume immerses us in her sculptural ecosystems inspired by her time spent in nature practice long looking and meditative walking. We connected on an appreciation of the natural world for Mad World.

SoMad Chats: Sara

Sara Arno

Sara Arno chats about SoMad and her personal artistic practice leading up to Mad World.

SoMad Chats: Seri

Serichai Traipoom

Serichai Traipoom chats fashion photography, photojournalism, the importance of community, and the meaning of sustainability that centers self care.

SoMad Chats: Hannah

Hannah Villanueva

SoMad Chats: Adi

Adrianna Fracchia

Adi Does Food does granola so good we can't keep our hands off it. She chats chef-life-balance and starting her own venture.

SoMad Chats: Bibinka

Bibinka Mama

Bibinka Mama is a one of a kind drag queen bakeshop spreading joy, feeding the community, and highlighting Filipino-American culture. As a Mad World performer, she took us on a journey from Polynesia to Outer Space.

SoMad Chats: Give & Take

Zab Shavrick & Natasha Trinh

SoMad Chats: Luana

Luana Finco

Luana Finco of Urugula Creative Cuisine makes a mean vegan puff pastry. Leading up to her catering Mad World, we talk sustainable eating practices and simple delicious climate solutions.

Shimmer Shimmer

Lorenzo Triburgo & Sarah Van Dyck

An intimate conversation about process, politics and the power of love.