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Yesterday’s Makeup

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Yesterday’s Makeup

Anne Kristoff

This film by Anne Kristoff was created in response to living through the coronavirus quarantine in New York City in early to mid 2020.

Thank You For Shopping Here

James Gardella

Clown’s Night Out III Quarantine Clown Party

Brian Andrew Whiteley

Girl Who Strikes Back

Amina Gingold

LIGHT This Bitter Earth

Carla Maldonado

Far From Home

Xin Fang

Connection VS Safety

Qinza Najm


Rory Scott


Joseph Gaybeuys


Kunjin Jiang



A Letter to Ming

Jiuxun Jin


Patricia Voulgaris

Pandemic Bliss

Jonathan Ellis

Love Me When I’m High

Aprilia Utami Setya Wijoyo

18 Months of Hair

Sara Arno

A global pandemic is declared. We wonder, how long will this last? Experts estimate that it could be 18 months until a vaccination is ready. In an effort to realize the impact of what this time apart will mean, I cut off 18 months’ worth of hair growth. By the time my hair becomes long again, we will be ready to pick up and start again.


Carla Maldonado

Performed by Carla Maldonado. Original footage filmed at SoMad Studio by the artist, mixed with found audio from Zia Ahmed, Samantha Bachman, Richard Tipping and Zelene Suchil.