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Melvin Harper

HHH (Hand, Heart, Head)

Thibaut Eiferman

Sara’s Galapagos

Sara Arno


Rebecca Krasnik

Untitled 97mars

Livia Di Lucia

A Very Scary Time for Young Men in ‘Murica

Carla Maldonado

Cooking Lessons with Eggplants

Sara Arno

Sparkling Drowning

Livia Di Lucia

Who's There?

Amina Gingold

Untitled for Technically Sweet

Laura Parnes

Parabola Q

Jonathan Ellis

חסרת ישועה

Ori Highbloom

Speaks Over Men

Kat Shannon

“Speaks Over Men is one minute and fourteen second video piece in which I’ve superimposed my voice over video footage I took of men speaking in Central Park, intentionally creating a slippage between their words and thoughts, and my own. My work often examines ideas surrounding intimacy and longing, and in this piece particularly I wanted to push against the boundaries of video in order to address gender, desire, and discomfort.”