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Claywoman: Thoughts on Earth

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Claywoman: Thoughts on Earth



Julia Chien

A split worm searches for his bottom half.

The Museum of Prophecy

Emilie Slater

It was filmed in Skagästron, Northern Iceland over the course of several months. The title is the same as the town's only museum where our narrator, Dagný Marín, has faithfully operated for the last decade. MOP explores the mythical lore of the small town's struggle with industrial expansion expansion at the expense of environmental degradation

Blooming Fire, Burning Flowers, Bright as Sun

Kristen Williams

Blooming Fire, Burning Flowers, Bright as Sun is a short film about the birth of the universe. It was made by creating photograms of flowers on 16mm motion picture film, producing images that are reminiscent of galaxies, nebulas, supernovas.


Yangqi Deng

Turtle? is a nonlinear fictional narrative piece that unfolds around questioning the turtle through imagery drawn from multiple sources. The turtle is both the subject and the medium, connecting the past and the future, carrying the earth across the universe.

words of water

Ellie Borzilleri

A short 16mm exploration on the ephemeral ways movement and direction interact, contrast, and fight one another within the frame. "words of water" uses water as a physical tool of representation for the structures that bind our existence and the transient motions of life.


Mortal Self

The number 6 spirals into itself like a womb or a cocoon. This darkness is nourishing, a space for healing and revelation. 6 is a multimedia project conceived by Natalita and Riley, and created through a collaborative journey with the women and terrain of Louisiana.


Sophia Wolfe & Chris Powers

Icolette is a transcendental multimedia experimental film that mirrors natural systems and cycles. The film follows a young girl determined to collect the skin of a fish.

7-Day Fungi Prescribed Therapy

Pedro Morales

7-Day Fungi Prescribed Therapy is a video art project that invites the audience to immerse themselves in a world of organic forms and natural patterns, in a visionary world of fungi and fractals.

Life Touching Life

Dakota Gearhart

“Life Touching Life” is an animated video podcast that takes place in a future universe where all beings are treated equally—humans, animals, and even bodies of water.

Claywoman & David Aliperti